Cinemagraphs in Marketing

So. Something a little bit different. Cinemagraphs.

We’ve been working on something new recently and it’s time to explain, in full detail, how what we’re doing can benefit those of you in the hospitality marketing industry.

We are constantly developing our skills and researching into how photographs impact hospitality marketing strategies. This helps us understand the benefits of what we do and how we can shoot in a way that best helps our clients achieve their marketing goals. Over the past few months we’ve been working on developing our cinemagraph skills. A cinemagraph is a moving image, usually saved in .gif formt that is a combination of video and still photography. We have created a few so far and have had interest from clients for personalised cinemagraphs that reflect their brand. Cinemagraphs can be used widely across social media platforms as well as on websites and blogs and really bring a still life scenario to life. Subtle movement in an image draws the eye into the frame and attracts customers attention for that much longer.

Here’s our latest cinemagraph we produced using a steaming hot bowl of soup.


Check out our stills portfolio at and keep an eye out for more cinemagraphs!