Photography in Marketing

The Importance of Good Photography in Marketing

photography in marketing

Bedroom shot for Cheval Residences

Images can catch your attention without you even realising, especially on social media. Before you know it you’re booking a table at a restaurant you’ve never even heard of before just because their food LOOKS so good! With smart phones providing you with the ability to take, and upload, images as often as you like, over 300 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every day, and that’s just Facebook. With technology improving and high quality cameras becoming more and more accessible, suddenly everyone’s a ‘Professional Photographer’. The phrase ‘you get what you pay for’ rings very true in commercial photography – if your brand is going to compete with 300 million images on the web you’re going to need YOUR images to be the ones that stand out.

Photos average a 35% boost in retweets” – Roger, S. (2014) What fuels a Tweet’s engagement? [Blog post]. Retrieved from

First impressions are key! If photography in marketing generates such a large increase in social engagement, imagine what professional images could do for your brand? If you’re sending out social media campaigns, then to launch your new business with poor quality, or stock-bought, images you are decreasing the value and originality of your brand and could therefore be targeting the wrong audience unintentionally. It is important that your images reflect the quality of your product or service. Professional photographers take time to understand the culture and values that drive your company so they can bring them to life through imaginative and compelling imagery. These images will be able to tell a visual story, to connect your customers with your brand and increase business opportunities.

Through years of working with marketing professionals in the hospitality industry we have developed strong relationships with long-standing clients who call us every time they need new photography. They call us because they know we know what their brand is all about and what they need to best portray their message and brand. Knowing what your client needs is a fundamental aspect to professional photography. Without understanding your client’s vision you will not be able to produce the images they had in mind and that fit into their overall marketing strategy.

So if you’re thinking about serious photography in marketing, take your time when meeting with your photographer. Discuss details, shots, and where the images are going to be used. Any professional photographer will be quite happy to set up meetings pre-shoot and help to make the shoot easier for everyone.

 by Katherine Heath