Photography is what we do best

Tony Harris has over 30 years of experience in photography and continues to add to that. Tony moved to London after studying photography at the Blackpool College of Art and Technology. He has been in his current studio in Fulham for 29 years. He has earned a living from commissioned photography his entire working life and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. With a keen eye for the images that draw attention to a brand he knows the shots our clients need.  Tony’s skills have taken him worldwide, photographing for major brands such as: Coca-Cola, Ford, Goodyear Tires, Holiday Inn, IBM, Millennium Hotels and Resorts and The Ministry of Tourism in the Philippines. Lighting and compositing great shots can be challenging and Tony finds working closely with a dedicated marketing team, creating an image that really works for the client, truly rewarding.

Tony practicing photography in our studio in Fulham

We have been a team of two for three years now. We have an efficient system that benefits our clients in a number of ways. We have a wider range of skills, we are able to do more in the time we have, we are able to deliver jobs faster and we have two creative minds for planning, shooting and editing. We now guarantee a turn around of images within 7 days. With a huge expanse of technical knowledge, and equipment that allows us to push boundaries, we are confident we can always get the best results out of the time available to us. We aim high; with super wide angle lenses that don’t distort vertical lines and Leica lenses so sharp that food looks better than it does in real life, it would be a mistake not to make sure everything else that goes into the creation of an image is not at the same standard.

Tony Harris practicing photography in our studio in FulhamKatherine in our photography studio