We pride ourselves on being able to get the shot right in camera. Not having to rely on post-production software to rescue it for us is important. However, with such brilliant software available there are extra things we can do that really bring a shot to life. 


In the first steps of our post-production we use professional, photographic processing software. This allows us to enhance colour and detail, plus control shadows and highlights in a shot. The small enhancements we make have a dramatic effect on the overall image. This increases it’s ability to draw in attention from new potential customers. We also use professional equipment to correct colour and work on calibrated screens.


The amount of retouching we do in post-production varies hugely. We will always use Photoshop to clean up and perfect images to a professional standard. This allows us to produce the best images we can for each of our clients. We are happy to discuss further retouching possibilities with individual clients.


Photographing buildings can be a challenge whether it’s a large hotel or a 1 bedroom flat. It is important for clients to get a great exterior shot. These provide an atmosphere for a building. Most of the work we do is in London, so there are always cars, buses, people, even animals, around that end up in shot. By taking a number of shots and carefully building them together we end up with the desired result, a clean, well balanced shot that portrays the building in the right way.

This was a job Katherine worked on in post-production last year for Cheval Residences

Sky shot before post-production

Sky shot

Before post-production shot of building with scaffolding

Building shot








Cheval Residences, Pheonix House - post-production final result

Cheval Residences, Pheonix House – Final Result