The pre-production for a shoot can be tough, so we make it our aim to help clients with this in anyway we can.

pre-production image

This is a pre-production shot of Tony talking to Pierre whilst planning our latest food shoot for Maroush


With good modelling agency connections it is easy for us to book models that we feel will enhance your images, and that we know are easy to work with. The most important thing is that the client is happy with the pre-production arrangements. We will arrange a shortlist of models for you to look at and discuss before choosing someone you feel suits your brand best. 


We have a private studio in Fulham that measures 23ft x 17ft. However, some shoots may require something bigger, we are happy to arrange this for you. Sometimes it makes sense for a shoot to take place on the clients premises, or somewhere they have arranged, this is something we do more often than not. Our kit is fully portable including a range of backgrounds. Finally, if you feel your product/service could use something ‘extra’, say, a grand castle in the background or a shiny sports car then we can organise this!


Props can be difficult to source, especially if they are very specific, but when given a few days notice we can get our hands on pretty much anything you can think of. We are happy to source a list of props provided by our clients, or, we can provide props we feel will suit the style of the shoot.


We photograph a lot of hotels, bathrooms to grand ballrooms, so we know and understand how much time and effort goes into the pre-production of shoot. We offer a consultation which we can do over the phone, in person or via email, to help you prepare for your shoot. We have found this dramatically reduces time wasted on the day, so you get better value from us as we can get more done in a shorter space of time.

The consultation includes things

– Props required

– Meeting and banqueting layouts

– Time needed for individual shots

– Preparation for each shot

– Staff members required for specific shots

– An order in which the shots will be taken

We put a lot of time and effort into the pre-production of a shoot, but the client is the one that will see the results!